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Magneti Marelli IAW 59FB


Magneti Marelli IAW 59FB

Components description

  1. Main relay - electro vent - regulator 5v
  2. Immobilizer
  3. Ignition coil
  4. Ignition coil
  5. Injector – canister  -  stepper motor


Injector nozzles

No injection nozzle pulse, stuck, or failing, check whether the component responsible for the injection nozzle pulse is faulty, if found to be defective, replace it.

Stepper Motor (Idle Actuator)

No Pulse reaching the Actuator, or stuck value, or with strange operation, replace the component responsible for the Stepper Motor.

Fan (Electro-fan)

Fan does not activate when it reaches the operating temperature, carry out the test with the actuator scanner, and check if it starts working, if not, replace the responsible component to solve the problem.


ECU No sign of life at all, no pump activation, no nozzle pulse, no ignition pulse, really dead, check 5V regulator, if the procedure does not resolve the issue, replace the processor as well (Remember that in some cases the processor contains the vehicle's operating routine).


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