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Components description

  1. Ignition coil
  2. Injector
  3. Injector
  4. Stepper motor
  5. Canister
  6. Fan actuator
  7. Regulator 5v


Electric fan does not start

Problem is related to the Multidriver of the Electro fans (indicated in the photo above), check measurements of the Component, (check manual Datasheet's and procedures) and if it is found that it has problems, replace it with another in perfect condition.

Vehicle does not start

One of the possible causes of the vehicle not starting up may be related to the burning of the Varistor (indicated in the photo), this happens due to the Module (UCE) having suffered a voltage spike in the vehicle's Alternator, or even some type of Overload, thus exceeding the maximum working voltage, somewhere between 14.2V and 14.5V, thus exceeding the Varistor's working voltage, which will certainly damage it, causing the vehicle to no longer start operating (because after the burning it, the Circuit will be 'open').

Also check the 5V Regulator Multidriver, interconnected to the pump relay which is responsible for the 5V supply of the entire ECU circuit, when it is faulty, burnt, the ECU on a bench connected to the ECU-TEST also does not come into operation, activating only the ECU Mass and the Anomaly Lamp, the ECU is practically “dead” on the bench.

Injector Nozzle

Injector Nozzles, (Electro injectors) that do not pulsate: In the Corsa MPFI, this UCE uses 02 Nozzle Drives (the first drive controlling Cylinders 1 and 4, and the second drive controlling cylinders: 2 and 3), now In the specific case of the S-10 Mono point (which, by the way, has poor operation from the factory), this ECU uses only 01 Nozzle Drive (or electro injector). To solve the problem, the procedure adopted is to exchange or replace the burned Nozzle Drive(s), that is, the Darlington Transistor (ES).

Idle Oscillation

Carry out measurements of the Stepper motor multidriver (Indicated in the photo above, check the Datasheet’s and Procedures Manual), once the defect is found (through measurements carried out on the component according to the procedure) replace it.


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