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Components description

  1. Regulator 5v
  2. Main relay
  3. Injectors
  4. Ignition
  5. Ignition
  6. Idle speed - pump - starter relay probe



The vehicle's ignition coil may have a weak spark, or may not spark, or in another possibility continuous, uninterrupted spark. The solution is to change the Ignition Drive, that is, replace it.

Note: We can use the UCE Ignition Drive Type 1.6 Monopoint or MPFI.

Mass (-) Main ECU Ground, or Sensor Mass

Defect Causes Excess Fuel in the Vehicle, or even may cause the ECU to not work and obviously also cause the Vehicle to not work; Solution to this problem, redo the original Track (if you are not able to check where the tracks are connected, open a module in good condition to redo the tracks, or jumper the pins using the unit's electrical diagram, connecting the Ground of the sensors, in the specific case of this ECU Pin 30, according to the diagram connected to the ECU Ground on one of the Pins: 02, 24 and 14).

Injection nozzles

Injector nozzles that do not pulse, or when they do pulse, only pulse 2 cylinders, (specific case of Omega) Pins 16 and 17 on the ECU board are originally “Jumped”, Pin16 simultaneously controls Nozzles 01 and 02, and Pin 17 simultaneously control Nozzles 03 and 04. When the electro-injector trail burns out, generally only 2 Nozzles work. Solution, the procedure is to “Jump” with a thread of approximate thickness trail between one and the other. Ex. Pin 16 with Pin 17 and vice versa (NOTE: However, the ideal is to redo the original track), which can also be caused by the burnout of the Nozzle Drive (indicated in the photo above).

Vehicle does not start

The vehicle does not start when the Voltage Regulator (5V) is faulty, the ECU shows a “Dead” symptom both in the vehicle and on the Bench (ECU-TEST), the solution is to replace the 5V Regulator. Vehicle does not start operation, without ignition pulse for the Coil Driver, this is caused by the malfunction of the Analog IC (shown in the photo above), as it may be faulty, the solution is to replace the IC (check in Datasheet's and Procedures manual).

Tip: a universal procedure for all control units existing.

Fuel Pump, Idle Speed, Lambda Sensor, Cold Start Relay and Rotation Sensor

In the specific case of the Fuel Pump not activating, check the solution for the same defect in the Motronic M1.5.1 system using the same procedure, the malfunction of the Multidriver (indicated in the photo above) can cause the Fuel Pump to not activate , Idle speed oscillating, Lambda Sensor not showing reading (Open Circuit or Fixed Value), Cold start relay does not activate (alcohol vehicle has difficulty starting), rotation sensor defect (may prevent the vehicle from starting), the Solution for this problem is resolved by changing the Multidriver (Indicated in the photo above).



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