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Magneti Marelli IAW 1G7


Magneti Marelli IAW 1G7

Components description

  1. Ignition driver
  2. Ignition driver
  3. Stepper motor - regulator 5v
  4. Main relay A
  5. Main relay B
  6. Canister for cold
  7. Lambda sensor
  8. Injector driver
  9. Injector driver


Idle speed oscillation, or fan malfunction

Reset parameters on the processor (Using the IAW1G7 CHIP TOOL), when this procedure does not work and the stepper motor in the vehicle starts to heat up (Short Signal), replace the component responsible for it, see photo above.

Ignition coil without spark

Burnout of the component responsible for ignition, check the component, carry out a measurement, and if a defect is found, replace the component.

Locked or Pulseless Nozzles: This defect may present when the components responsible for the nozzles are defective, measure the components if a defect is found and replace it.

Ecu without “sign of life”

This symptom is most often characterized by the fuel pump not activating, the main relay not activating, no pulse on the nozzles, no pulse on the ignition, this is due to the non-functioning of the internal components of the engine. ECU, this occurs when the unit's 5V Regulator is burnt out, this component is responsible for the internal power supply of the ECU components, if it is found to be defective, it must be replaced.

Electrolytic capacitor

Capacitor close to the nozzle burst, burned, if this happens, the ECU tracks may be damaged as the solution inside these capacitors is corrosive and can detonate the tracks, if this happens, replace the component and redo the tracks that they are .


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