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Components description

  1. Injector
  2. Feul pump relay
  3. Idel speed
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Fan actuator
  6. Regulator 5v
  7. Ignition coil



Non-activation of the electric fan (Fan)

To solve this problem, replace the Multidriver responsible for the operation of the electric fan, which is shown in the photo above, if changing the electric fan driver does not solve the problem, re-solder the ECU If these 2 procedures do not solve this problem, the ECU processor also shown in the photo above will have to be replaced, or, as a last resort, the ECU itself.

Water temperature

The component responsible for the water temperature sensor signal may have poor contact in certain circumstances, to solve the problem, we must resolder the component (shown in the image above), if this does not solve the problem we will have to replace it .

EPROM memory error (displayed on the vehicle when scanned)

Possible cause, could be wear on the terminals of the central extended mencal, the terminals (female in relation to the males) could suffer wear, causing poor contact, possible solution is to lightly tin the terminals males so that there is no play in relation to the female terminals, if this does not resolve the issue, replace the EPROM with another one with an original file from the same module.

Direct driven electro-fan

Bad contact due to cold soldering in the main microprocessor and/or also in the slave microprocessor (indicated in the photo above), or also bad contact in the extended bearing.

Vehicle does not start when the vehicle stops starting

One of the possible causes may be due to the Varistor burning out (shown in the photo above), caused by a voltage spike generated by the alternator (when it exceeds 14.2V to 14.5V ). Also check the 5V Regulator Multidriver, interconnected to the pump relay which is responsible for the 5V supply of the entire ECU circuit, when this is faulty, the ECU on the bench connected to the TEST ECU also does not come into operation, activating only Ground of the ECU, and anomaly lamp, the ECU is practically “dead” on the bench.

Injector nozzle (electrovalve)

Pulses straight Injector nozzle pulses straight as if it were locked open, often causing excess fuel. To solve this problem, resolder a component with microprocessor characteristics (encapsulation) that is located in front of the injector nozzle drive (shown in the photo above), or replace this component (similar to a microprocessor) or the nozzle drive. Injector (transistor, indicated in the photo above, check the Datasheet's and procedures manual)

Idling Oscillation

Carry out measurements of the Stepper motor multidriver (Indicated in the photo above, check the Datasheet’s and Procedures Manual), once the defect is found (through measurements carried out on the component according to the procedure) replace it.

Main Pump and fuel pump relay (dual function)

If this pump relay is not activated, carry out measurements on the corresponding Drive (indicated in the photo above, check the Datasheet's and procedures manual), if a defect is found, replace it .

Difficulty starting with a cold engine and/or Air Conditioning

Vehicle with difficulty starting when the engine is cold (normally an alcohol vehicle, especially in the morning), or a defect in which the Air Conditioning does not activate, or direct activation of the electric fan, speed 2 (A/C), it can be caused by the Drive malfunctioning or when it is faulty, carry out measurements on it (shown in the photo above, check the Datasheet's and Procedures Manual), if a defect is found, replace the component.


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