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How To Reset EPS Renault Clio 3 & Renault Modus BY RENOLIK

In this topic you will learn

  1. What is the EPS and the common faults on it.
  2. How to confirm that the EPS is need reset.
  3. And how to do reset by renolink step by step.
reset eps renault modus

overview the problem and causes

Many of cars model renault modus and clio 3 that built in 2004 to 2011 suffer from failed or malfunction in EPS module, for this problem the steering wheel not working and the car doesn't start because this unit EPS is related to immobilizer system of car.

The problem is corruption in file of EPS the problem is corruption in file of EPS from some reason dead battery or mistake when remove the battery. 

To confirm the EPS it under this fault you can scan EPS and see if you have this faults : C1608 – ECU Internal Fault  - DF002 – Computer Internal Electrical - Variable Power Steering Motor

step by step to fix this problem by renolink scan tool

In this section you will learn how to Reset EPS Renault Clio 3 and Renault Modus, EPS is stands for electronic power steering that responsible for facilitating the rotation of the steering wheel when turning it.

You perform this process, which is a factory reset of the EPS electronic power steering  if it is changed,  Or if there is a malfunction in its EEPROM when changing the battery or when removing the battery poles and putting them back.

This problem is common in this type of car, so you will learn an easy way to reset it using a RENOLINK scan tool.

How to do this reset step by step in the following topic.

In first open the software of renolink, after launch the soft go to option scan.

how to reset eps module

After clicked on the scan option the new window will popped out, in this window choose the EPS unit from the scroll down list and click scan button and wait until the renolink connect to EPS.

renolink software

After renolink connected to EPS unit, the EPS will appear in same window at upper, double click on it and the information for EPS will appear in the left window of the main screen software, click now close at the popped window.

C1608 – ECU Internal Fault

Now go to extra option and select EPS cleaner from the list.

Variable Power Steering Motor

after click on EPS cleaner the new window will popped out, in this window you can do the reset, now choose the right model, as you can see in our case we will select Clio 3 and  Modus.

renault modus not start

And click on connect button and wait until the renolink connected to EPS.

how to reset eps

After connected to EPS unit you can now click on button clear immo code.

reset eps

After click on clear immo code button the EPS blank will marked, that is mean the operation or reset is successfully done, you can click on refresh button to confirm.

reset eps

Cick now on disconnected and close buttons and start the car, the EPS unit will reset automatically.





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