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How To Activate Hidden Option In Peugeot And Citroen By Diagbox PSA Scan Tool

 ThisSome options that can be activated in  BSI

bsi programming

Option 1 : Speed warning

With the ability to select the desired speed in order to warn the driver about exceeding the set speed. The speed warning can be activated in the car by the DIAGBOX PSA. The activation path in the system menu is as follows.

BSI >>>> Configuration >>>> Customer Option >>>> Warnings

Excess speed function present option

In this section, you can enter the desired speed and activate the speed warning. Note that inactivity is set by entering the number 255, a speed that the car will never actually reach.

Option 2 : Automatic turning on of the flasher during hard braking

During sudden and hard braking, the turning on of the car flasher by warning the drivers behind prevents the occurrence of accidents. For this purpose, the automatic flasher can be activated in the car by the DIAGBOX PSA. The activation path in the system menu is as follows.

Option 3 : Turning on high light and low light at the same time when using permanent high light

In normal cars, when you activate the temporary high beam by holding the lever, both the low beam and the high beam are turned on, but when you select the permanent high beam mode and remove your hand from the lever, the low beam is turned off and Only the string related to the high beam stays on, but in 206 it is possible that the low beam stays on during the permanent high beam. To activate this mode, follow the path below in BSI.

BSI>>>>Configuration>>>>Customer Option>>>> Lighting and Signaling option: type of headlamps

To activate, set it to double reflector mode. Note that this option is suitable for crystal lamps with two lamps in each lamp, and it is not recommended for matte lamps that have one-piece double-contact lamps because there is a possibility of damage. In addition, it should be noted that when you use the high and low light in the crystal lights at the same time, if you activate the front fog lights, the high light will automatically turn off because the reflection of the high light in foggy weather The intensity is harmful for the driver's eyes and in addition, it increases the load of the electrical system. Obviously, by turning off the front fog lights, the high beam mode of the front crystal lights will be activated again.

Option 4 : Automatic locking of the door locks by increasing the speed to more than 10 km per hour

In order to increase the level of safety and security of the car and to prevent thieves from entering the car, it is better to activate this option so that the doors will be locked automatically as soon as the car moves:

BSI >>>> Configuration >>>> Customer Option >>>> Locking / Unlocking Option: lock doors while driving

In order to activate, set it to present (In new models, it is generally active.) Note that in models where the flasher key is in two pieces, by holding the door lock key for a few seconds while the switch is open, this option will be activated or deactivated with a ding-like sound.

Option 5 : Automatic locking of doors if none of the doors are opened for 30 seconds after opening the central lock

Sometimes the buttons on the car's switch, which is related to the central locking, are pressed inadvertently or by children, which will definitely open the door if the car is in the effective range. For this reason and in order to prevent theft of the car or its interior items, if any of the doors is not opened for 30 seconds, it will be automatically locked again.

BSI>>>>Configuration>>>>Customer Option>>>>Locking / Unlocking >>>> Automatic Re-Locking Option :To activate this option, change the mode from Absent to Present. Note that to activate this option, you must change the definition of the room shape in BSI and change it from five-door mode (hatchback) to Estate or station. To do this go to BSI >>>> Configuration >>>> Customer Option >>>> Miscellaneous and change the Body Work option to Estate. If this option is not changed, the automatic locking function will not be activated after 30 seconds.

Option 6 : Headlights staying on for 30 seconds after turning off the car

In dark places such as parking lots, entrances to villas and places where you need light, you can turn on the headlights for 30 seconds by pressing the handle upwards once. Take advantage of the second. This option, which is known as the "accompanying light to the house", can be activated with the following address.

BSI>>>>Configuration>>>>Customer Option>>>>Lighting and Signaling >>>> Change the Follow Me Home option to present to activate.

By activating this system, after turning off the engine and removing the switch, pull the headlight lever towards you once (turn on the light); In this case, the big lights of the car will stay on. Now you can get out of the car and lock the doors. After 30 seconds, the lights will turn off automatically.

Option 7 : Automatic air conditioning (except type 2 and lower types 206 SD)

One of the defined programs for automatic air conditioning in types 3, 5, 6, V8 and V9 is the window mist button. By pressing this button, the air conditioning fan directs the air conditioner at maximum speed to the vents under the windshield, the cooler is on and the outside air vent is opened. In this case, you will see that after a few seconds the steam will be removed from the windows and by pressing the steam trap button again, the system will return to its previous settings.

Option 8 : Preventing damage to the wiper blades

If you forget to turn off the wiper before turning off the engine in rainy weather, or if the switch is closed, the position of the wiper handle changes accidentally or because of a child's play, after opening it Re-switching and turning on the engine, in order to prevent damage to the blades, the wiper will not start unless you change the position of the wiper handle again while the engine is on.

In addition, due to the length of one of the wiper arms, it is hardly possible to replace the blades in the situation where the wiper blades are in the position of the bottom dead center (parking mode). Move the handle of the wiper until the wiper reaches the last upper limit; At this time, you can easily replace the blades.

Option 9 : Intelligent speed-sensitive wiper

When driving at high speed, if you use a high-speed wiper, the speed of the wiper is reduced in accordance with the decrease in the speed of the car, and when the speed is increased again, the speed of the wiper is also open to the previous state. becomes If the car's speed reaches less than 10 km/h, there will be a pause between each wiper operation (so-called spring mode). In this case, if the momentary state of the wiper handle is triggered, the wiper blade will travel half of its way and return to its place when triggered again.

Option 10 : Automatic turning on of the rear wiper when using the reverse gear

In the hatchback model, on rainy days when you use the wiper, as soon as you put the car in reverse gear, the rear wiper also turns on to provide better visibility. For the driver, it cleans the rear window automatically.

BSI>>>>Configuration>>>>Customer Option>>>>Visibility Option: Automatic Rear Wiping To be present for activation.

By activating the rear window wiper option in the reverse gear, by the device, if the front wiper is on, as soon as the reverse gear is engaged, the rear wiper will be activated automatically to help better visibility in the rain. A short time has passed since the front wiper is turned off and the reverse gear is engaged, the rear wiper only works once.

Option 11 : Using the glass of elevators and electric mirrors for 45 seconds and wipers for up to 60 seconds

After closing the switch and removing it, before opening at least one of the front doors, you can use the glass for up to 45 seconds. He used electric lifts and mirrors and snow wipers for up to 60 seconds.

Option 12 :  Using the audio system up to 30 minutes after turning off the car

After turning off the engine and closing the switch, it is possible to use the audio system of the car for a maximum of 30 minutes (based on the battery charger). After this period, the car's electrical system enters the economic mode (eco mode) to protect the battery charge. To continue using these tools, you must start the engine once.

Option 13 :  Ability to choose the wheel diameter

Three options for choosing the overall wheel diameter can be selected by the fault finding device. This feature can be activated only in models equipped with ABS anti-lock system. If you want to change the size of the wheel rim, Try to choose one of the specifications mentioned in this list to prevent errors and disturbances in vehicle speed calculations and anti-lock brake system performance.

Option 14 : Finding the car in the parking lots

When the car is parked in a place, by pressing the lock key on the central lock remote, the flasher of the car starts to turn on for five seconds with a fast beat. This ability makes the driver easily find the parking place in dark places like public parking lots.

Option 15 : Anti-theft radio broadcast

Considering that the radio broadcast 206 must be introduced to the car by the diagnostic device, in case its electrical socket is disconnected for any reason, during use, the ear-scratching sound is played through the speakers once every 10 seconds. and to fix it, the relevant code must be defined again for the car and the radio broadcast. This code is usually the VIN number of the car.

Option 16 : The roof light stays on:

after turning off the engine and removing the key from the switch, the car's roof light stays on for 30 seconds. This feature makes it easy for you to collect your belongings at night and then get out of the car.

Option 17 : Door alarm activation:

When the car is on, when each door is opened, a bell or warning sound will sound, and the roof light will turn on and off if it is in the door state. Also, when you turn off the engine and intend to get out of it, but the lights are on, a similar warning sounds when the driver's door is opened. This feature also applies to leaving the car key inside the switch core, that is, if you have not removed the key from the switch core, the warning will sound when the driver's door is opened.

Option 18 : Muting the radio:

If you need to mute the radio while listening to the radio, you can press and hold the up and down volume buttons of the radio at the same time, which are located behind the control handle and under the windshield wiper handle. You are trying to mute the radio. To reactivate it, just press one of the top or bottom buttons again.

206 and 207 multiplex power grid modes: standby mode, the power grid goes to sleep after turning off the car and not using equipment such as the central lock remote, opening the doors, horn, lights, etc. Therefore, performing any operations on the electrical system, disconnecting the ECU or BSI connectors and the like, should be done after the system has gone to sleep to avoid damage to different parts. For this purpose, after turning off the car, first open the engine door, then close the car doors and wait three to five minutes, and finally disconnect the positive battery cable.

After the car is turned off, the network power supply remains in standby mode for 65 seconds. Of course, if the driver's side door is opened, the power will be cut off along with the sound of a relay in the BSI, and the light on the elevator window switches will be turned off and the network will be ready to go to sleep. The network goes to sleep, along with the turning off of the kilometer display, followed by the complete lowering of the display needle after about three minutes.


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