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How to choose a quality dual-board Autocom CDP + and Delphi DS150E


what difference between Autocom CDP + and Delphi DS150E

     Currently, a huge number of sellers offer the Autocom CDP + and Delphi DS150E diagnostic scanner. At the same time, in a number of cases, unscrupulous sellers, through their ignorance or knowingly with deception, offer low-quality devices. In this article, we will consider the issue of choosing a high-quality two-board version of Autocom CDP + or Delphi DS150E.

Autocom CDP +
Immediately, we note that:

     The two-board versions of Autocom CDP + and Delphi DS150E are essentially the same, since inside there are absolutely identical boards and their difference is only in the case, while two devices can work with three programs Autocom CDP +, Delphi DS150E and WURTH WOW (we will not talk about the rest of the twin programs, but they are available).

     The version of the CDP + dual-board scanner according to the circuitry is made on the basis of the ARM STM32F processor, so there is no need for external memory, the SN serial number consists of six digits. In this version of the scanner, the circuitry does not use the OKI M6636B microcircuit (unlike the first outdated version of the CDP PRO CARS scanner without +), and support for BMW and Ford is implemented according to a different principle.

Autocom CDP + or Delphi DS150E.

To determine the version of the board, the quality and rating of the components of the two-board device, we ask the seller to disassemble the diagnostic adapter in your presence. If the seller refuses to open the device for any reason, then it is better to refuse the deal immediately.

Board version

     Currently, there are a large number of versions of the boards of a two-board device, but only version 3.0 can boast of stable operation. To determine the revision of the board, you need to look at the inscription on the main board, where the board release will be indicated.

Autocom CDP +

     However, at present, such an inscription will not be a guarantee that version 3.0 is in your hands, as a result of which we turn the board over and visually compare the location and appearance of the microcircuits (in the photo, the board of the TCS MAIN v3.0 version):

Autocom CDP +

     We also pay attention to the fact that in a high-quality version, the adapter connectors for the second board with the relay must be double.

Delphi DS150E


     Particular attention should be paid to the quality and rating of the relay. The rating of the relay in the two-board version of the scanner must be at least 4.5V, preferably at 5V of Japanese production, most often it is a NEC relay. Once again, we focus on the relays should be at least 4.5V, and even better at 5 VOLTS (marking NEC EA2-5 or NEC EA2-5NU). Relays of a lower rating will fail during operation, which will lead to the inoperability of the device itself..

Delphi DS150E

Autocom CDP +

   You can also double-check the rating of the relay, but this will require a multimeter. According to the datasheet, the coil resistance should be: for a 4.5V relay - 145 ohms, and for a 5V relay - 178 ohms.


For work, especially with trucks, a lot of attention should be paid to the suppressor rating. The suppressor rating in the automotive industry is commonly used at 29-32V. Thus, the suppressor marking should be BEZ (5SMCJ24CA) - this is a bidirectional suppressor, or its unidirectional counterpart GEZ (5SMCJ24A), or GFK is a unidirectional one.

Delphi DS150E

Microcircuit Si9241A

K-line and L-line must be implemented on microcircuit Si9241A (microcircuit marking 9241A).

Autocom CDP

Zener diode for 27-30 volts

     Zener diodes (Zener diode) for 27-30 volts must be installed in the device. Zener diodes for 27-30 volts are necessary to eliminate distortion of the receive / transmit signal, as well as to protect the k-line, the driver will close if during the period of signal transmission for some reason a voltage more than calculated for the k-line comes, by putting the field-effect transistor in the strapping into a high-resistance state. In the case when a diode is installed instead of a zener diode, the field-effect transistor will be broken, which will lead to the inoperability of the device.

Delphi DS150E

Significant heating of the device.

     When diagnosing trucks, it is very important to refine the device. During the operation of the device, a significant heating of the board occurs due to the fact that the wrong resistor values ??are set in the load switching keys and they must be replaced with resistors with a nominal value of 2.4 kOm - 3.3 kOm. Also, heating is possible due to the installation of a suppressor of the wrong rating (for the correct ratings, see the article above).




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