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How to choose a quality X-PROG AND Modification BDM adapter

     In this article, we will talk about the mandatory X-PROG check before buying, consider the points that you should pay attention to before buying the X-PROG.


Before buying an X-PROG, the buyer must necessarily require the seller to perform a few simple steps that will allow him to make the right choice and buy a fully functional XPROG BOX. Note that if the seller is not able to do these actions, then you should refrain from buying, since it is impossible to guarantee the device's operability, and this can lead to very sad consequences (the consequences can be found on the Internet for the example of unsuccessful reading of closed Motorola in BMW CAS4 blocks) ...

The X-PROG has established itself as a programmer that works well with Motorola processors, including the closed Motorola 9S12, Motorola HC12 and Micronas. To read closed processors, the BDM adapter 1-002-0017 is used, but in some cases this adapter has an old revision of the board, or simply does not work, which can lead to partial or complete data corruption even at the moment of reading and removing protection.

Thus, before purchasing, you must:   

visually check the BDM adapter P / C: 1-002-0017 for the necessary revisions and compliance with the current board revision (for more details on the revision of the BDM adapter X-PROG in our next article)

we require the seller to check the crystal oscillator of the BDM adapter with you. The performance of this crystal is a prerequisite for successful reading and removal of protection (crystal oscillator with a frequency of 48 MHz)

It is worth noting that this is the minimum set of checks for buying a working and quality X-PROG. Additionally, you can read / write any microcircuit, for example, eeprom.

Modification of X-PROG and BDM adapter 1-002-0017

In this article we will consider questions of completion of X-PROG and BDM of the adapter 1-002-0017.


The X-PROG programmer works well with the Motorola family of chips, including closed Motorola. However, in some cases, you may have questions when reading closed (locked) Motorola. If the X-PROG does not read closed Motorola, you should check the rating of a number of electronic components and, if necessary, replace them.

One of the reasons for the inability to read a closed Motorola may be resistors installed at the wrong value. In this case, when reading a closed Motorola, the voltage at the VPP contact drops below 9.5V and as a consequence it is impossible to read a locked Motorola. We make replacement of resistors according to the recommendations given in drawing.


You may also have problems reading closed Motorola 9S12, Motorola HC12 and Micronas due to the BDM adapter. BDM adapter 1-002-0017 is designed to read closed Motorola 9S12, Motorola HC12 and ARM family MICRONAS. There are currently several revisions of this adapter and the first versions need to be improved. The finalization of the first version of the adapter is given in the official recommendation, which can be found directly in the files of the installed program (document xprog-errata-sheet-001.pdf). In this article, we will focus on refining newer versions of adapters, which look different from the version in the official recommendation.                                                                                                                         

The following photo shows a fully modified version of the BDM adapter Rev. C, P / C: 1-002-0017:


  • no diode (position 1)       
  • there is a track (position 2)
  • the capacitor is installed according to the datasheet (position 3)

Modification of the BDM 1-002-0017 XPROG adapter consists in removal of the diode 4148, in case of absence of a track it is necessary to establish a jumper.


In some cases, the capacitor (position 3) may be absent, but note that the effect of smoothing the surges and ripples when changing the load current and input voltage on the voltage regulator L52B will be absent. We recommend that you install a capacitor with a rating not lower than the required datasheet.


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