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SAGEM S2000 PSA IMMO OFF step by step

Today we will working on the 206 Peugeot، the car came to me with fault no start, After listening to the car owner complaint, the car was running normally and then suddenly stopped.

After a visual test, I saw that there was no ignition spark on spark plug, Usually this error comes from a defect in the crank sensor, there is no voltage on ignition coil,defective circuit control of ecu ,or ecu itself.

After testing, we found that the crank sensor works well. power is exist in ignition coil, and circuit control wire is well also. So we can confirm now that this is problem from ECU.

In this topic, you will learn, step by step,

1.   how to determine the fault.
2.   brief overview about ecu.
3.   determine the eeprom of immobilizer in this ecu.
4.   and in last how to make immo off.


overview of sagem manufacturer

The original ECU for this car is sagem s2000 and this is a brief overview of this manufacturer, Sagem is a French company operating in many electronic fields and focusing heavily on high quality consumer electronic products، Through its development over the years, it was able to prove its worth and have a global name , found in many different automotive manufacturer, including Renault and Peugeot designs, they have solidified themselves as a respectable and long-established company and household name.

determine the eeprom of immobilizer

the eeprom that contain immobilizer system in this ecu is M95080 type ST, to access it you must open the ecu, and Carefully remove the insulating layer after taking accurate measurements of the EEPROM location as shown in the picture below.

EEPROM 95080

overview of ECU SAGAM S2000

Starting from January 1, 2000, a new environmental standard, EURO 3, came into force in many European countries, regulating the content of toxic substances in vehicle emissions. For the PEUGEOT Groupe PSA company, this naturally did not come as a surprise, since the modernization of cars and engines was already gradually underway.

If we talk about cars equipped with TU series engines, the changes affected the following components:

The rate of fuel evaporation has been reduced (the material of the fuel tank and filler neck has been changed, the diameter of the filler neck has been reduced, the fuel tank cap key cannot be removed if the cap is not installed).

The exhaust gas catalytic converter is located directly under the exhaust manifold.

We installed a new, remote model of the oil filter, with a removable filter element, which ensured a high degree of environmental friendliness.

Within the PEUGEOT company, the EURO 3 standard was designated as L4 for passenger cars and W4 for utility vehicles. As a result, the TU3JP L3/W3 KFX engines , after all the changes, received the name TU3JP L4/W4 KFW .

The new environmental standard also left its mark on the fuel composition and engine management system. The injection computer (ECU) now constantly monitored:

  • Misfire
  • Catalytic Converter Efficiency
  • Oxygen sensor status
  • Continuity in the circuit of the solenoid valve for purge of the fuel vapor absorber tank.

In addition, the control unit must have had an EOBD On-Board Diagnostic System . This system warned the driver, using the CHECK ENGINE diagnostic indicator , about all engine malfunctions that could affect the toxicity of its operation. All these requirements, in the early 2000s, were met by the Sagem S2000 system , which replaced the outdated Sagem SL96 and Bosch MP7.3

immo off procedure

I would like to share with you my experience of making immo off by the programmer xprog.

I tried in the beginning to make immo off by it, but after writing immo off file and compare it with original immo off itself, to ensure that the file was written completely. After check i found there is a difference and some bytes have not changed, meaning that there is an area that has not been written and that this area is write-protected, so how to solve this problem?.

EEPROM 95080

To solve this problem you should use a programmer that has the ability to write protected areas, the best tool for me is TL 866 This is the result after using the TL866.

TL 866

everything is fine now, all areas are completely written.

TL 866


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