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how to extract the pin code manually in BSI SIEMENS D9

Today I will talk about repairing a Peugeot 406 car. The owner of the car came to my workshop complaining about problems in the car, and these problems were related to many things that do not work in the car, such as: locks and unlock doors, windshield wipers, and lights do not work, in addition to that indicator lights stayed flashed in all time.

   bsi siemens

bsi siemens D9

This the label of BSI.
bsi siemens D9

Systematic check for faults

after scanning the car by pp2000 and check the faults, check the wiring of the car and confirm the wiring is okay, it was decided to change the bsi module and confirmed it is faulty.

The BSI is standing for a builtin System Interface, which is an intelligent unit and is responsible for many things in the car such as the immobilizer system and the comfort system, the picture below shows that.

And yes, the block does not seem to be flooded, but in terms of external examination of the board, it seems that it is not good and that there are many paths cut off.

Anyway, we decided to change the unit and told the owner of the car to bring a second hand BSI.


BSI is a computer and an intelligent unit. Be aware that certain procedures must be followed when disconnecting and reconnecting power to the BSI to avoid corrupting the software code and losing settings and data. Failure to follow these simple rules can result in loss of configuration or failure of the BSI. Recovery can be very costly and time consuming. To follow the safety procedure just visit this topic link.  here

how to extract the pin code manually

There are many programs that can be used to extract the pin code, but in this topic I will give you a method that enables you to extract the pin code manually. to extract the pin code open your dump in any program that can read hexadecimal, in our case i am using HXD, the pin code is located in address 000000F0, exactly in address 000000FA to 000000FD, so the pin code is F9MX.


But be aware!!! This pin code "F9MX" that you got from the dump is not the correct PIN code, so what is the correct PIN code??.

The correct pin code is encrypted by swap bytes, so the correct pin code for this BSI is "9FXM" not "F9MX", and the instruction picture below show how to get the correct pin code.


BSI replacement method

After i get the pin code and save it, i want to move the original eeprom into a second hand bsi, so in this case i don't need to initialize the keys because the original keys is saved in an original eeprom. and yes, the bsi is replaced by a second hand and everything is okay, car starts good, and all faults has been fixed.

bsi siemens D9


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